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recent events [Sep. 24th, 2008|10:35 pm]
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Hello all,
          Just writing to catch up a titch.  Girls are back in school, Mel's B-Day went fine and I get older this sunday.  SIGH.  Got my bloodwork done today even though I couldn't really afford it. (dumbed down minimal tests $237.50)  Diabetes sucks.  Had to get the work done to enable my doctor to allow me my scrips so I can get my pills to live.  Joy.  I've needed them lately as sugars were a bit outta whack.  I need to live for my girls if nothing else. 
          On a positive, as my parents went to Alaska for two & a half weeks I got to house sit and used their professional scale.  I was down 17 lbs, and went two days ago again and can add three lbs to that loss.  I'm trying more yogurts replacing meals and limiting portions.  20 year class reunion this upcoming year and well, living are kind of good motivators.
          I also went to a garage sale per my friend Jim and saw what he didn't.  This guy was selling a breastplate, springsteel sword and 'sugarloaf' helmet.  I ended up getting them for $40!  There's a birthday present for myself.  Couldn't pass that up.   Could've used the money elsewhere, but could you blame me?  This guy was a black knight for a ren fest for years and had to give it up for health issues.   He developed diabetic necrosis.  Therefore: the armor reminds me that I have to take care of myself.  Every time I look at it.  I feel bad for the guy, but I'm going to turn it into a reminder for myself to fight against that result.   Here's hoping.  Best of luck all in your endeavors!
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sick of this [Jul. 15th, 2008|10:40 pm]
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      Became known as "that evil bastard" yesterday.   Was called that by a supervisor who likes the popular people monday.  I became that not by choice, but by the fact that people don't cover their f'in tracks better.  Found a bunch of wrappers in the trash in the morning and had to find out if they were marked down.  This of course led to questions and pissed off people who decided to play around 'cause they were bored.  Shrink is shrink and I ain't covering for people who want to play at work.  Taking product off the shelves without it being paid for is just that.  Shrink.  Yeah, someone will sure remember to mark those down later~ some year~ or better off, how 'bout giving a line of BULL that they don't need marked down because they can be resold without the packaging or sku?  YEAH Sure...  
     So I did my job and asked a question I thought would be an automatic "I approved that, it's ok..."  NOPE.  So popular people got into a tiny bit of trouble with a handslap.  Guess I'll need to look for a new job soon as there is a strict --->NO RETALIATION<--- policy.  Yeah, I've seen that work also.   So much sh!t goes on at work lately I just can't believe it.  Maybe if I wore a thong and high f'in heels I wouldn't have to downstock either!   To get hired when I was hired ANY associate had to be able and WILLING to lift 80-lbs. all day long.  Standards have really dropped and I fear for the future.  Similar junk I know goes on elsewhere~ just wish more of the people knew how to be professionals.  Some people are great at my job, but the amount of B.S. is becoming staggering.  
    I am so sick of getting walked on by people who think they know it all cause of how they look or who they know.  Sorry for the rant~ but this summer has been blowing by as I work holiday after holiday and am denied any request.  One request was granted, but of course was backpeddeled upon.   Sick of this.  Remember it when reviews come up.  Maybe I do need something else if I don't want to work at a virtual "fluffy romper room. "
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Tekkoshocon 2008 Apr 11th-13th [May. 5th, 2008|10:46 pm]
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     I'll probably miss some stuff, but gotta get this written.  Melanie went down to Tekkoshocon on Wed the 9th.  I did what needed to be done with the girls.  Running them to school, checking homework, all that fun stuff.  Anyway I had requested off Thursday thru Sunday, so I got to pack and really kept fighting the urge to build something for the model show.  I prepped the house for when we come back.   Now I was ready.  I think.
    The truck was leaking oil, which is a funny story for later.  I cleaned the truck inside and out as I was driving Salvatore down as well.   Will, from my work, was going to folllow us after meeting at Wendy's in Edinboro.  I took the kids from school for a half day.  (Appease the school district, Yeah!)  Met Will and drove on down.  Made it there right about at three per the plan.  Found Mel, unpacked the truck.  That took about an hour as parking was complicated.  Got the pocky costume & chinese dress out and went about with the girls.  I didn't get to cotume this year, but that's ok.    The costumes were mainly for them to shine.  I found that the Model room I was to help with was being manned by Nadine and it was just she & I.  Talked with her and decided to split the time left that day between the two of us.  I worked 'til 6pm as Mel could take the girls.   I only took in one entry to the models while I was there and got grabbed as soon as I was free to take Hausel to Robinson Town Center.   About two hours later we get back after I was feeling like excess baggage.  It needed to be done, but there wasn't much I could really offer.   Found out the Dealer's room was closed when I got back.  SIGH.  Main reason I was going.  Well, I looked forward to Saturday.    
The Noble Roman's  Pizza in the hotel had several problems for dinner.  Got my food voucher for working and it took about 45 minutes to get to the counter and decided I didn't want to wait an hour+ for pizza as they had a cheapie burger special for $5.   Met all three ladies there and we ate.  They were in line waay before me, but they ordered pizza.  I shared my food while they still waited for theirs.  Mel had to resume her Public Safety shift so I took over the little ladies.
       Went to bed at a reasonably decent time to get a jump on Saturday.  Got up early enough and saw no one was in the Model room early, so I sat my butt down and watched that part of the room.  Someone was in the art side, but thought we would need someone on our side.  I left Sarah and Mel sleeping and took Ashlyn to the model room.  We watched it with her Nintendo DS.  Mel came down and took the ladies to the pool.  I stayed there until I believe 11:30 and then got to hit the dealer's room.   Wow.  What was left?  Lots of stuff, but not what I was looking for.   
       Went back for voting on the models and got the girls back.  Nadine kicked my butt out  'cause Ashlyn was hungry  again after voting.    I decided to take the ladies to the Pizza hut we used to hit when we lived down in the 'burgh and Christine asked to go along.   Like the girls would refuse.   Christine cleared up a few things that had been bothering me and she's getting her life back together.  I'm glad she decided to share.  Will probably always debate if I'm being tested tho.~  Oh well, we're cool I guess.    Went in the pool for an hour and I got to hop into the Hsu- Nami concert for a few minutes, but the girls thought it was too loud.   Sounded cool though.  Once voting was done I was free for the con, save for an "all staff call."  Something happened in a room and I had to watch a door for a while for crowd control.  I was amazed to see how many people deferred to me.  Hey, what can I say? The Con Chair knows me and trusts me.   
     The convention, now that I got to see more of it, was very crowded.   Most people seem to agree that at approximately 2,000 people the hotel lost the ability to meet our needs.  The hallways were tight as I thought they would be and seeing something was kind of difficult as we had 2,680 people per the official count.  The artist's alley I decided to go into and couldn't think on going anywhere else but out of that room after about half way through.  ULTRA congested and stifling.  You could call it an ant farm or an Otakon Simulator.  Long lines and too many people.  All due respect to Otakon, but "success tests ones mettle just as surely as the finest adversary..." Some attendees  would just camp out and block the path so NO ONE could move at all in the tiny walkways.  Some attendees were completely oblivious to what they were causing 'cause they were too full of themselves chatting and trying to hook up.  No event can have perfect people, staff OR attendees, and I saw examples of both.   Wearing a staffer shirt I asked one set of attendees who were having "FUN" choking each other in the dealers room to stop and reminded them chaining yourself to another is not allowed per the rules.  I asked them to stop.  I got back a "Yeah, uh... whatever..."   Some attendees and staff needed to really look at themselves.  Seriously.  Some staffers were stressed out because several attendees had the "You're not my mom" attitude. Maybe it should go to natural selection.   But when people whine & complain because they can't block a fire exit it just boggles the mind.  No clue, you know? Some people do dumb stuff that could kill them and maybe they'll succeed.   We can't police everybody.  Oh well.   
   Mel of course would not take her breaks, so I got the girls for another night and took them to watch "Dragon Half". We've seen it and own it, but this way I can say at least I watched something.  They had fun watching it in a group.  We then went to the "Bampu in the night.." panel.   Sarah has been exploring the creepy aspect of life and is going minorly goth, so figurd it'd be ok.  She enjoyed it as much as the references permitted.  My friend Natalie runs the panel and I tried to give her a good intro when someone asked where the panelist was.  The ladies ran outta gas 3/4 of the way through, so that was it for Saturday night.  
   Sunday went ok, but the Noble Roman's was closed as they ran out of food.  Scary, thought they'd try to handle the hand over fist money they were making.   I bought the Hsu-Nami CD, as well as the Mari CD I went in on with Sal.  We wrapped up after seeing a few things and getting the girls each a souveneir.    Driving back went fine and Sal and I talked for a good while about the con.   I strarted falling asleep sitting there at home, 'cause Hey ~I was Tired!  Three hours driving does that to me.  Anyway heard horror stories of packing up from Mel who sadly couldn't get back in time to get the girls from school monday.  I had to call on my folks as I worked.  Anyways, I bought myself a Totoro and the cds.  Looks good on the curio cabinet. 
    Long winded, and not too much PUNCH! in the story, but it was a fair con.  My expectations were a little higher, I would've liked to at least play A game in the game room, but it was packed also.   The girls had fun and that's what counts.
  Oh, and to follow up on the leaking oil story...  I set an appointment for the truck and decided to take a look at it just in case.   MY OIL CAP WAS MISSING!  Duh! Yeah I think that'll leak!  Surprised my light didn't some on.  My mechanic found it.  It somehow ended up UNDER my battery!  Freaky.  At least it was a quick fix.  I have to laugh at my luck sometimes.  Anyway, take care.

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Tekkoshocon '08 [Apr. 16th, 2008|06:31 pm]
WTF?  Yes I plan on posting.  Went to Tekkoshocon 2008 with the group and am starting to write commentary good/bad.  Just not perfected nor finished debriefings.  It'll get there.   Didn't find much of anything tho.  Probably due to not getting to the dealer's room 'til Saturday.  More later~
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EAE CONVENTION [Sep. 19th, 2007|10:59 am]
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         Here we go!!  Less than ten days to go and things are coming together.   These are some random thoughts to keep it all straight.   I'm off Thursday and Friday and have to crank the printing out.  I got two whole things submitted to put in the program guide, and two things does not a program guide make.  I set a deadline of Aug 1st and the guide just isn't happening.   When the revised schedule is in my hands I'll print the large schedules and minis for handouts.  
        I've got the faomcore for standees (smaller) but larger ones just cost too much right now.  Maybe we'll raffle them off @ the end.  Doorprizes? ~Thinking about it.  Eric informs me we did get several boxes of prize support from a couple of studios.  COOL!  The TVs for the video games are being borrowed from club members to help minimize cost.  I have the Papers layed out and the stock for awards.  If I get time from somewhere I'm still hoping to woodburn plaques instead.  We'll see.  I have to finish Ben's Azuka & Kamidake bribe used to get more financial support.
          Mel is going down to Pittsburgh on my birthday to get the rabbit cages.    I still don't know who needs to crash here for the night before or after the con.   I was surprised to see I still have two beds open.   I've placed a crash cart  listing on the forums for what still needs done and come hell or high water it's gotta get done.    Controlled insanity~ not losing it, but want more people on board.  God we still need bodies.  Think I might have to shanghai family members.  UGH.  Family is great, but favors cost.    Have a decent amount of dealers signed on, which is great.  Very few artists.   Maybe the few that are there will have a captive audience.   Anyway, gotta go get stuff done.
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Credit card from hell [Aug. 23rd, 2007|11:03 pm]
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Well.  It's been a while
     Jackie informs me the Last desperate act has come to fruition.  The corporate credit card from hell arrived monday.   Last payment for the convention is due next week.   Ahoy debt!  Here we go.  Already $62,000 in the red myself, what's a little more?   Why is the "Kill me" song Adam Sandler does going thru my head now?   Glad I'm not the treasurer.  (STRESS)
     Worked the Convention center's open house and had some interested people.   Con center looks awesome.   Told we're only about 1,000 sq. ft below the Expomart.  ( not trying or able to compete~ but validating our new place as more than a barn )  Now have the power to get a guest, but need to be frugal.  Not to mention I don't know if the drawing power will be good this late in the game.  Got a bunch of newer AMVs from Ben and now have another list of songs I want.   If anyone has nothing better to do the list @ the bottom would be cool if anyone has 'em.   If someone can pay to download, I'll happily pay 'em.  Just let me know you're doing it first & the cost.  Many  songs you just can't find at the local Cd places.   Thanks to all who preregistered !!!! ( and those who read my list!!!)   
Take care,

Dancemania E-rotic megamix   "E-Rotic Cat's Eye" (Ventura mix?)  DDR song
DJ-OTZI  - "Megaman"
Andy Hunter - alb: Exodus(2002) "Amazing"
Gasaraki - "Message #9"
Train - "When I look to the Sky"
Simple Plan - "Me Against the World"
Chris Cornell - "You Know My Name"
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Guess I should post [May. 30th, 2007|10:48 pm]
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Our EAE cookout went ok.  We made about $60 and that's a start.  Would've been nice to have more of our people show up.    We've got stuff to talk about.  SIGH.   Commitments?  Anyone?  Bueller?  I gotta keep this on the positive......  What can I say,  Oh ~I know.

LOOKS LIKE I GET TO BE VICE CON CHAIR.    I didn't plan on it, I didn't push it.   I tried to dodge it due to my previous committments.  However, things HAVE TO HAPPEN.   I started laying out actual bodies to our layout  to see about coverage.  Looks like we need minimum four more people to cover the floor.   Panelists, ideas for main events & deciding if we can pull a cosplay are in the works.   Hall cosplay should be no problem.  WE know how to do this stuff, we just mainly need bodies.  Living preferably.  I can abuse some familial relationships and pull some strings, dig up some graves,  but I'd rather have people who WANT to be there.    If Ohio can have a few hundred conventions, Pa's gotta pull together and we can make some more stuff happen around here.  

I NEED to get w/ Tekkoshocon staff and see if any who said they'd come & help will for support of the anime con genre.   People seeking experience, even minions would be a BIG help. 

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Time passes [May. 14th, 2007|11:47 pm]
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Hey! It looks like the next EAE meeting on May27th will be a cookout to help raise some dough for the con. Bake sale items, smith's hot dogs, Jackie's pasta salad are currently on the menu. We're going to have a SHORT meeting and then the cookout. We plan on starting @ 1pm and then grilling stuff and watching anime of the attendees choice. Maybe if my Deathcom video shows up we'll watch that. I hope it shows by then, I was told two weeks from the con.


This is a general invite to our Tekkoshocon friends to our place in ERIE! We can show you videos of our convention center!! Come & you can even Pre Register!

Erie's Anime Experience looks as if we're going to have a sanctioned Naruto tournament, level to be decided, and we could use more ideas! Come & help shape our con!!!!
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(no subject) [Mar. 7th, 2007|11:59 pm]
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Well I got Salvatore to agree to goto Tekko. He's the one who's worked @ a bookstore as a second job to read all the manga. His knowledge seems almost encyclopedic to mine on the new anime. I've got him checking episodes of new stuff on line and he seems very happy with it. He knows an excellent amount of computer stuff also. He used to be tech support for "Erienet" when they existed. I think he could help any con he gets hooked on.

I talked to J.J. and he says the board now has to VOTE on comp passes for staffers. OUCH! I was told I was getting one when I was asked to join staff. I might have to pay for Sal as I already told him I'd let him use mine. He doesn't want to run a panel this year~ said he might when he's more comfortable w/ cons as he's never been to one. UGH. I hope this gets resolved soon as I don't want to miss out on a discount "pre-reg" date as I might have to pay for him.

Mel and I had Ben, Jim D.,and the rest of the crew over tonight for gaming. Fought our first 9 "Blight spawned" for this campaign. Interesting. Shay'Nir didn't take a hit of damage. Arrow plinking has its benefits. Managed 38 h.p. of damage by arrows in 1 attack also. Was kinda surprised @ that, but many arrows feat w/+1's and 2nd attack w/ unknown "Tingly" arrow per DM ended up having a fireball to it. Glad party members near the target got away. "Oops!" says the extra fluffy blonde half-elf. Playing her ditzy sometimes becomes fun.
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(no subject) [Mar. 1st, 2007|08:51 pm]
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I've been busy, sent lots of images for Tekko usage. Sold $15,831 worth of stuff @ the store within the last 2 days. Nice to more than double my quota for one week within two days. They'd better keep me in the dept as nobody else is even APPROACHING my numbers. They hired a NEW designer who's worked 20/20 and if they go and make me their appliance BITCH again I'm going to hurl. Probably furniture. This would just prove how insane they are. Something ain't broke, FIX IT. All operations work beter when broken? What would we be saying here? DUH. That's about it.
I made a dumb joke. Saber let me hear this wonderful set of songs. One of which has a great beat, called "Mitternacht". ==>"Midnight" for those of you who don't speak German. My vocabulary sucks anymore, but it is this "goth type" dark song singing auf Deutsch in a really heavy style. Anyway, on my way into work I was in one of my sarcastic moods and I changed the song from chanting "Midnight" at appropriate times to sing "Mittwoch". ==>"Wednesday". Sorry, I thought that was F'in hilarious. Just picture this hard goth rocker singing about all kinds of dark things and chanting wednesday!!!! AARRGGHHH!!! WEDNESDAY!!!! BWAH HAHAHAHHAH!!!! Maybe my sugars were just off, but I thought it was funny. Thanks Saber,really. I needed that.
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Weekend [Feb. 22nd, 2007|10:50 pm]
So I went to Pittsburgh, I had a great time. Thanks to all. I'm sorry to be reading about stuff going on and how this person feels about that person etc etc... Makes me glad I got rid of most of my anger. I wish others could do the same. Maybe I'm reading stuff wrong, but maybe I just didn't see it. Ignorance is bliss I suppose. Oh well, I hope all are feeling better and solve their issues.
I sent some artwork and really would like some feedback on it, but can't get into my Gmail again. Also my Media player won't play the AMVs again. I've no clue what happened. "Boy, does THAT SUCK. Now I have to ____ all of you." Name that quote if you dare. (Censored so it doesn't look like a threat- as it isn't) I plan on drawing friday as I'm off and maybe doing my taxes. Take it easy-
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updates for begining of Feb 07 [Feb. 10th, 2007|11:05 am]
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Besides the meme I haven't posted in a while. Been busy. Mel did lose her job. She was going to be fully vested in the company in another three months, so I see why they were constantly trying to get her outta there. The manager there stil has his pricetag on if you know what I mean. Noob. Anyway she's supposed to get unemployment, but haven't seen it yet.
Besides shoveling, been attempting to catch up on some stuff. I finished my Shakugan No Shana sweatshirt. Mel says it looks "Tight". I 'd show a pic but need to get my website done. I need help there. EAE meets sunday and luckily I'm off for it. I got the flashlights to rework the tenchi guardians. Got the spanish moss for the tenchi diorama.
Ashlyn's birthday went ok. Pizza hut party and skating after. We lucked out as the school's family fun day was @ Evan's skateland. I fell down once and sadly took Ashlyn with me. We got our feet after a while, but for me it had been approximately 20 years. Getting Tekko stuff more in mind and finally heard from Salvatore who plans on coming. His relative is about a mile from the Expomart, so his 'hotel' is taken care of. I earned a gift certificate from my work, so I picked up a cheap costume. It consists of bright yellow rubber boots and a yellow hardhat. Now I need a khaki dress shirt and hmm... got the blue jeans. Sparkplug (or any human) from the original Transformers cartoon emerges. Think I might make an 'energon cube' out of acrylic and blinking light toys. We'll see. More another time, gotta goto work.
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super villain test, nice, but hope I'm not that conceited. [Jan. 6th, 2007|10:38 pm]
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Your results:
You are Apocalypse
The Joker
Dr. Doom
Mr. Freeze
Lex Luthor
Dark Phoenix
Green Goblin
Poison Ivy
You believe in survival of the fittest and you believe that you are the fittest.

Click here to take the "Which Super Villain are you?" quiz...

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alert [Dec. 5th, 2006|11:32 am]
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[music |within temptation- jillian]

Hey all,
My internet seems to work partially now to the point where I can write and not get booted. Anyway, just putting up a bulletin that we'll be having a "candle light" candle sale/party on sunday Dec 10th @ 4pm to try & help raise funds for the Erie anime group to have it's convention. Any and all are welcome. The regular meeting will be hosting a rep from the new convention center from 2-2:30 and we need bodies there for a show of force. Discussions on what we can do for the con and who will be in the board of directors will be on the table. Anyone needing directions email me @ "lilwashu@velocity.net" this email may be going away after the 14th, due to my not knowing what ISP to go with right now and my contract's up. Hope to see enough bodies there to make a good impression for all who want a con around here. Thanks!
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(no subject) [Nov. 26th, 2006|11:19 pm]
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Having trouble with the new modem. Maybe it's more my LOVELY ISP trying to convince me they don't need to provide the last month of service I paid for. "Oh, you should invest in our SUPER program, or get our special extra FF aa ss s s ttt (pause) modem. the new modem is doing the same thing more or less. It connects for a minute, then has to reconnect. I'm writing this seperately so I can post it if that gives you any indication of how long I stay connected. I don't want anyone thinking I'm being rude by not communicating. There is a lot to update on. Mel's getting abandonned in the 'burgh by her stupid work who I feel I must curse to eternity, thanksgiving, the modem problems, Ashlyn @ school, progress on my basement- scrubbing walls for sealant, etc...etc... Catch you when this modem is a done deal or I get something better. I just need to connect long enough to get the verizon DSL deal online. - Later.
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(no subject) [Oct. 27th, 2006|12:57 am]
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[music |"What Lain bought on Ebay"]

Been listening to the songs people have made AMVs from. I guess I shouldn't have done that. NOW I WANT THEM ON CD SO I CAN LISTEN TO THEM IN MY TRUCK. Sigh. Jim DeStephano is getting the "Within Temptation"cd for me as he had money in his paypal. Now I just need about 6 other CDs and I'll be content. Unfortunately several are from europe. I'm such a media wh0re. GOTTA COLLECT IT ALL RIGHT??!~?? Hello obsessive compulsive disorder.?? Nah, just neeed music to drive to.

Drove Jackie to Tekko and she's making a samurai outfit for me. Designing the armor for it to be ready for Tekko. Don't have enough time before Halloween. I did get the spider put together for the front yard. Tree branches look nice w/ about a 9 foot diameter. HE He HE.... time to creep out the neighbors and the mailman. I might add fangs to it, not sure.

Good tunes I'd love to borrow if somebody's got 'em:

"Listen to your heart"--- DHT featuring Emdee
"Crash and Burn"-----Savage Garden (This I should find easily local)
"Amerika"----- Rammstein
"Better than I am"----- Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie (not sure if good, but gotta hear the rest of it.)
"Boulevard of Broken Dreams"---- Green Day (another easy local one)
"Still Preoccupied with 1985"---- Bowling for Soup?
"Headstrong"--- Trapt
"Spirit Never Dies"---Masterplan
"Forsaken" ----- Within Temptation (THANK YOU JIMMY D!)
"Das Omen" ----- Smahut? or LCY84?
"Bouncing through the years" ---- ELP??????? nice Gainax tribute AMV

Mel is starting her sabaticcal on sunday. She had to use it or lose it. At least she'll be home for a week to get some stuff done. She wants to NAIL some Tekko stuff before her busy season starts. Guess that's it for now. Take it easy. And thanks for any who read the above list without going "What the Hell? He wants that song??" Thanks!
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general updates [Oct. 18th, 2006|04:15 pm]
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[music |82Ideas "AZUmerica"]

Been doing some junk projects around the house lately. Used insulation foam to make an archway w/ runes for gaming. It went over really well. Put some japanese wards on the sides hanging of vines(floss). The group says I've got to do more. Toying w/ a few ideas.
I've been watching the AMVs I got from gold star. I decided I want to get Shakugan No Shana. There's a nice video done to "Listen to your Heart" using that anime. I like the way they draw the red haired girl with the katana. Don't fully know what the anime is about, but want to check it out. There's a good Final Fantasy video on there done to "Crash and Burn" also. Jackie says she can make me a Samurai outfit sans armor. This would be a good base for the costume I want for Tekko.
Ben came over the other day and we watched Spriggan and Fullmetal Conqueror of Shambala. He also leant us Rune Soldier. Cripe he even brought pizza. It was a good night despite my being only about half conscious.(sugar problem @ work)
Anyway, We're keeping busy. It looks like I'll be going to the Tekko meeting on Sunday. They were looking to cut hours. Mel's stuck working so I guess I'll be delivering her report if she has one. Take it easy.
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(no subject) [Oct. 2nd, 2006|07:44 pm]
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I snet out invites to two people again to start a livejournal. We'll see if anyone goes on the thing. I've found this useful to keep in touch w/o having the same conversation 27 times.
My folks took the girls for most of Sunday so Melanie and I got to go to the movies. We finally saw "Super ex Girlfreind". J.J. reccommended it and it was worthwhile. We went looking for a CD we both wanted and am Listening to it now. Took a bit of looking though. If you saw the LG chocolate cell phone commercial, you've heard the song. This or the Nip & Tuck commercial. The song's got enough press lately. When you read the words it's kind of hmm... 'Female gratificationally personal', shall we say. Still a good song, I just wouldn't want to get caught singing the lyrics in public though. Def not a karaoke song if anyone reads between the lines. Regardless, I'm playing it WAAYY too much now. I feel like I should quote a Conan movie on what is best. The woman sounds GOOD.
Found out LOST starts again on Wed. COOL. Galactica on Friday. Sad I can't get to Bob B's FRAK party. It's just TOO far, man. Since I work 'til 6pm it wouldn't work anyway. Maybe if all thrusters were working.
Going to order some minitures for gaming as Jim DeStephano started a campaign for us. His other one is wrapping up, so I finally get to play my own character. My Half Elf, Shay'Nir, finally gets off the Balder's gate games and into a real campaign. I was stuck playing an NPC dwarf in the other game. I don't like being shorter than some tables. Guess that's it for now. Later........
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Trick or Treating [Sep. 28th, 2006|03:44 pm]
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Well now that was interesting...

My LiveJournal Trick-or-Treat Haul
brierios goes trick-or-treating, dressed up as Positive Pregnancy Test.
bobbarker31 tricks you! You get a piece of paper.
codam23 tricks you! You get a block of wood.
gouf tricks you! You get a toothbrush.
guyver47 gives you 12 red-orange tropical-flavoured gummy worms.
inukenshie gives you 8 yellow vanilla-flavoured pieces of chewing gum.
kimberdee gives you 9 brown grape-flavoured jawbreakers.
ladysephiroth tricks you! You lose 20 pieces of candy!
lordkhyron gives you 8 purple watermelon-flavoured gumdrops.
pantherpg gives you 15 mauve passionfruit-flavoured pieces of bubblegum.
saberpilot tricks you! You get a wet rag.
brierios ends up with 32 pieces of candy, a piece of paper, a block of wood, a toothbrush, and a wet rag.
Go trick-or-treating! Username:
Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.
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Updates [Sep. 27th, 2006|09:11 am]
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...and then the bartender says, "I thought that WAS your mom!"

Oh, Hi.
Been keeping busy. Major Kudos to my brother chip who after sending a program through to my folks, I picked it up and he was able to rewrite my file associations through registery. I can't say I perfectly understand it, but hey the computer works. I still need to get a copy of the Xp home OS disc as Best buy kept mine. I'm set for the moment however.
Bummed I can't make Duncan's model night tonight. Pittsburgh's a bit far on a schoolnight for the girls and despite me being on vacation, the girls aren't. I did primer the New Republic Star Destroyer in a thought of being there in spirit. Renewed my driver's license online due to lack of funds earlier to mail it. Now I wait for a picture card and run around w/ a temp 'hall pass'.
Mel's chest came out fine. Chest of drawers, that is. Now just got to get it in place. That reminds me, I need to buy a new shovel for winter. It'll get in there sometime soon I hope.
Bought some sandpaper as I used most of my finer stuff for the drawers. I hope to do my truck's bumper before it gets too cold. Oops! little late now. Maybe indian summer.
Going to help Lance today get his boat back on his refinished trailer. I forget if I mentioned Monday he needed help getting it off his trailer for refinishing. Must be nice to own a boat. It's only something like a 16 footer, but how much does one really need? After helping 'master and commander' DelMastro, Mel and I might go to lunch. Not sure where, but we need some time to talk.
Got the application from the Erie group today via email. Glad she'd doing this per my suggestion because people need to know each other and we need a core talent pool. This also should show experience and where we need help.
That's it for now, so take it easy.
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